Session 1

Hear about new products from technology companies that will enhance your entertainment enjoyment.  Learn about the mix of accessible entertainment activities that best support the needs of all consumers.


The accessible entertainment world is booming, and the future of inclusive entertainment is a hot topic for industry leaders. Explore what is in store for your entertainment options!

Entertainment for all – Even Better Access!


Adrian Rodriguez

Group Theory

Legally blind himself, Adrian is the CEO and Co-Founder of Group Theory, a technology company creating software development tools for blind makers of all ages. 

After working on Google Glass apps and tactile touch screens for the blind, Adrian collaborated with the Thai Ministry to teach the first professional web development bootcamp for the blind. 

Adrian holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.


Sarah Caplener

Senior Manager,

Product Management


Sarah Caplener leads the Alexa for Everyone team at Amazon, with a focus on Alexa accessibility. The Alexa for Everyone team has released accessibility features on Echo multimodal devices including Tap to Alexa (enabling customers to make requests to Alexa without speech), Alexa Captioning (enabling customers to read text onscreen for Alexa responses), and the ability to speed up or slow down Alexa’s speaking rate by saying “Alexa, speak faster/slower”.


Sarah has many years’ experience in product management, and earned her bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from University of California at Santa Cruz.

Susan Glass

Audio Description Project (ADP)

For 30 years, Susan taught English at San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, and West Valley Community College. Now retired, Susan sits on Vista Center's Board of Directors and serves on the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Steering Committee.


She is a freelance writer for the American Council of the Blind and California Council of the Blind publications. In her free time, Susan enjoys horseback riding, birding, hiking, playing harp, attending audio described plays, and visiting parks where audio description is available. 

Spencer Hatch

Technical Research Analyst


Spencer Hatch is a longtime advocate and researcher within the disability community. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Spencer has stayed close to his roots working for over a decade in conjunction with the State of Utah and various non-profit organizations. He focused on ways in which support structures and housing could be improved to better serve the needs of those utilizing them. A large portion of this work was focused on accessibility features and implementation.  

Over the last two years, Spencer has specialized in assistive technology at Netflix. In his role as a Technical Research Analyst he coordinates efforts to identify and resolve the unique challenges of Netflix members around the world. His primary focus revolves around screen readers and other assistive technologies used to access and navigate the Netflix UI on various platforms. Responding to reports directly from members he is able to spotlight their experiences and partner with engineering teams to create the best streaming experience possible regardless of ability.   

Gary Moulton

Senior Principal Technical

Program Manager

Verizon Media

Verizon Media’s Accessibility Team is dedicated to improving the accessibility and usability of iOS and Android apps such as Yahoo Mail and HuffPost and websites/mobile web sites like and Gary has previously worked on making products, programs and services accessible to individuals with disabilities and users of assistive technology at Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo.